Friday, October 7, 2011


Google introduced its SMS chat in 2008 in various countries with the cooperation of a wide number of telecom operators in the respective countries. Google was trying for introducing SMS chat in India. They had conducted talks with the telecom regulatory authority but with the newly imposed restriction of 100 SMS per day the Google SMS chat may be hindered in India. With Google SMS chat we can send SMS to any mobile number in the permitted nations. One can send SMS from India but not to India. Sending SMS has become a cheaper thing. Yahoo messenger had introduced it but later made it pay and use. 

The Telecom regulatory Authority of India has been ticked off from various parts of the country for its new restriction. Although it has reduced the number of pesky calls and SMS, the schools and other educational institutions, hospitals, blood donation centres, non profitable organisations etc., which heavily depend on SMS facility suffers a lot owing to the new restriction. Those who haven't familiarised the usage of SMS can follow the steps below.

1. Under all tabs on the left side you can find CHAT and SMS 

2. Enter the number and press SMS

3. Select the country. Make sure the telecom operator is supported in that country with the help of the
link provided.

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