Tuesday, May 17, 2011

access Facebook WITHOUT internet on Mobile

You can access facebook on mobile phone without internet!
The global star

A Singapore based U2opia Mobile has developed the new application
in order to use Facebook. The application is lauched by Bharati Airtel in India.
Unstructured Supplementary Data (USSD) is used for this purpose

To make use of India's ordinary phone users living away from
major cities.

User will get regular updates through alerts on mobile phone.
Any mobile user can implement it(Need not have a smart phone)
Available to Airtel customers.
For status updation nothing will be charged but for full-featured applications such as
news feeds, friend requests, posting of walls Re. 1 will be charged.

Airtel users may dial *325# and *fbk# for non-qwerty mobile phone users.

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