Sunday, May 22, 2011


Google has a terrific feature called instant search which tries to anticipate our search term or phrase. It is definitely helpful at almost all occasions. Nevertheless to err is not only applicable to human but also to google. These interesting suggestions are made by google when I was searching with a different intention.
They are shocking and at the same time funny.

1. I wanted to know what "google is"?
   I thought it would give a suggestion like "google is a search engine" or
  "google is god" but I got a very weird complaint about google-"google is making us stupid"

2. I tried with hollywood. "Hollywood is".
Google told me that "Hollywood is like highschool with money"

3. When I got that result I just attempted some hollywood movies. Since Harry Potter is a recent movie I just wanted to know where Harry Potter's whereabouts. I typed "Harry Potter is in"
Oops....."Harry Potter is in a bra"

4. Marriage is always a matter of surprise and wish. I wished to know which climate would be the best for marriage.
  Is it when there is rain or snow or when it is sultry. "I will marry when"
  Google was over-anxious about what I gain with marriage. It told me to marry someone when I need "a pdf"

5. Then I wanted to check what google feels about spouses. What would be the metaphor google gives for wife?
   "Wife is like" is living in a world of hardwares and softwares. So it told me "Wife is like a software" and the poet in google also compared wife to "an umbrella"

6. What will happen if you kill a spider? Your house will be clean, right?
But Google is very superstitious. He warned me that "if you kill a spider it will rain"

7. Everyone knows that "Italy is a country". I just wanted to seek "Italy is in which continent?". Google suggested me it is better to check "Italy is in which country". Probably he was teasing me for wasting his time searching such silly questions.

8. Since Bin Laden was killed I just wanted to know whether Google was aware of his whereabouts. I searched" Bin laden is in".
   Google was certain that Bin Laden is definitely in hell right now. Google also suspects places like washington, dc, america, yemen, afghanistan, pakistan, iran and soudi arabia. FBI never suspected China but Google certainly did, probably Google was vindictive due to its row with China. 

  But Google was 100% sure that Bin Laden never lies in a cave.

9. Has Obama invented something? Google says Obama invented car, automobile and INTERNET. Poor Vincent Serf!

 What would Obama eat? Well, Google says he eats many things but the most weird of all "he eats babies"

10. Sarah Palin may be stupid, idiot and hot according to google. But is there a reason for alleging her a "russian spy?"

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